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Old Rookie: “Blood Orange’s New Record ‘Negro Swan’ is a Must Listen”

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Blood Orange – Negro Swan
Domino Records
By Ian Bremner, Old Rookie

I’m not even going to pretend to digest the new Blood Orange record in just a few listens. All there is to it, is you should take a listen to Dev Hynes‘ Blood Orange moniker’s fourth album, Negro Swan.

The album follows 2016’s Freetown Sound and focuses heavily on being black in 2018 and the depression and struggles that come with that.

Sonically, it stretches even further into the amalgam of afro-jazz, funk, rnb and art-pop that Hynes has been perfecting since his debut as “Blood Orange,” Coastal Grooves.

Blood Orange is on tour this fall/winter, which is rare, so go see him if you get the chance.

Blood Orange performs Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.

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