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Parquet Courts Hypnotize Neumos Crowd

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Parquet Courts / SSDD
February 23, 2016 @ Neumos, Seattle
Words by Sydney Root
Photos by Victoria Holt 

“So here we are now, entertain us,” were the first words spoken by guitarist Austin Brown as he and the members of Parquets Courts stepped onto the stage of Neumos Crystal Ballroom on February 23.

Before the New York band hit the stage, the night kicked off with Seattle’s own SSDD (Steal Shit, Do Drugs), who’s bass-laden, “thunder-punk” sound – augmented by lead singer Kennedy Carda’s lyrical shouts and kinetic stage presence – launched the crowd into a twitchy trance that would continue for the remainder of the night.

As the thumpy, resonant sound of Parquet Courts’ music began casting its spell over the crowd, fans excitedly squeezed between the bodies in front of them to get closer at the sold out show. While singer Andrew Savage’s indie-punk words and the seemingly spontaneous guitar solos jumped around on the repetitious indie-punk beats, the house was full of people perched on every ledge or chair to get a better look.

The band’s powerfully magnetic sound, rich in psychedelic flair, was like a giant gold dangling watch sweeping over the crowd, keeping everyone hypnotized all night. It was the kind of show where hardly anyone was found mouthing the words or pulling out their phones to take photos, but rather all were captivated by the music and completely present in the moment.

(Victoria Holt is the newest contributor. Check out more of her shots from this show on our Flickr Page. In addition to contributing to, Sydney Root runs The Seasick.) 

2 thoughts on “Parquet Courts Hypnotize Neumos Crowd

  1. Dave says:

    Yo, Austin said “So here we are now, entertain us”…. Austin the guitar player. Cummon guys!

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