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Peaks of the Week: April 2-9

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By Tim Basaraba

Monday, April 2
Hot Snakes @ Neumos

The second of Rick Froberg’s three great bands (the first being Drive Like Jehu and the most recent being The Obits ) Hot Snakes are heavy and propulsive and have a lot of soul, and all of that means they are awesome If you have any affinity for guitar-based post-punk music you want to be at this show.

Tuesday, April 3
The Lumineers
@ Sonic Boom Records in Ballard

Providing some of the coolest, most heartfelt Indie Americana/Folk since Band of Horses, Denver band The Lumineers were the talk of the 2011 Capitol Hill Block Party. Take your kids to Ballard after school Tuesday to see them perform at Sonic Boom before they are huge and, since the show takes place in a record store, go ahead and buy something while you’re there.

Wednesday, April 4
Post Adolescence
@ The Comet

Power-pop masters of the universe (or at least of Seattle), Post Adolescence continue their goal of weekday live set domination. From Johnny Straub’s amazing voice to the shredding of guitarist Adrian Garver, top to bottom this is one of Seattle’s best pop bands.

Over at The Crocodile, Nick will be enjoying the Cribs. Here’s his article about why.

Thursday, April 5
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
 @ Neumos

With one of the stupidest band names of all time, it might be worth heading to Neumos Thursday just to give Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band a piece of your mind. But after just one song, probably a reverb-drenched epic with fantastic vocals, you will more than likely just stay and admire the rest of set from this Seattle band. Get there early too: openers Throw Me the Statue and Cataldo are both worth checking out.

Friday, April 6
Legendary Oaks @
The Sunset
The Polyphonic Spree
@ Neumos 
The Wedding Present
@ The Crocodile

Legendary Oaks offer more acoustic guitars, beards and cowboy boots from people who have probably never ridden a horse. In Ballard of course.

Elsewhere, the symphonic sounds of The Polyphonic Spree will fill Neumos and seminal U.K. band The Wedding Present will perform their third album Seamonsters in its entirety at the Crocodile.

Saturday, March 31
The Dolly Rottens
@ The Mix

Darci Calson maybe the hottest woman to ever wield a strat, and her band is wicked awesome. Come down to Georgetown and see the Dolly Rottens show you why they are anything but rotten.

Sunday, April 1
Go to Church

Skip the Sunday shows, because after a week of music and fornicating, church may do you some good.

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