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Photo Set: Somehow We Got Access for Taylor Swift

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Photo Set: Taylor Swift Reputation Tour
Live @ Century Link Field
May 22, 2018 in Seattle
Words and photos Jason Murray

As I dive further into my career as a live music photographer I figured I might as well shoot high. After all, why wouldn’t Taylor Swift, the biggest artist in pop music today, want a flippant volunteer music blog to capture her sold out performance at Seattle’s Key Arena?

The mega-star is known for putting on a great show so I delighted when I got the word that I’d been approved. At the artist’s May 22 performance, I was joined by a hysterical crowd of 56,000 people and an enormous amount of energy. Swift didn’t perform a single song that wasn’t supported by mass karaoke.

As a performer, Swift didn’t disappoint. She seams as talented live as she does after being mixed and mastered for her albums. She has great vocal range and incredible energy, and even plays some guitar during the set.

One signature moment was when Swift brought a massive snake on stage while she reflected on past industry beefs she’s moved beyond. I missed the shot, but here are some of my favorite photos from this one-of-a-kind experience.

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