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Pilot to Bombardier: “We Owe Our Fans a Loud, Energetic Show”

Posted by March 17th, 2013 No Comments » Interview – Pilot to Bombardier
Q&A with Jared Britt and JD Richards

NM: Tell us a little bit about Pilot to Bombardier.
JD: Pilot To Bombardier is a group of four friends who came together after other musical projects came to an end. We’ll release our debut album 117 soon.

NM: What can people expect from your show March 16 at Barboza?
JD: Expect energy and volume. Seeing a show live should be an experience, otherwise we’d all just listen to the album at home. We owe at least that much to the folks who make the trip out to see us.

NM: What other local bands are you excited about right now?
Jared: A Breakthrough In Field Studies. We’ve known most of those guys since high school and they are really great live. Riot In Rhythm from Tacoma. We used to rehearse next to them. Really great players. They are so young too! Good kids. There’s Seeing Blind as well. They are doing their own thing, and their last album Greatly Entertained is good front to back. The Finger Guns spit hot fire in our book. We love playing with them. But for my money, Jeremy Enigk is and forever will be the shit. I think he’s something like Seattle’s own John Lennon. I rip him off as often as I can get away with.


Pilot to Bombardier headline’s Durge Fest 3 on Saturday, March 16 at Barboza. Also performing are The Whoopsie Daisies and Full Life Crisis.

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