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Pimp T: Power Is Mindful Peace

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Pimp T – Power Is Mindful Peace 
Brockway Entertainment
By Jenn Miller, Angry White Girl

Dear Pimp T –

You are out of your fucking mind if you think that anybody wants to listen to your shit-ass, casio-watch- recorded beats or your grade school poetry, one-night-in-Bangcock (emphasis on COCK) wannabe pseudo-rap (if you can even call it that).

The only thing original about your music is the complete lack of originality, talent, and concept of what makes good art it displays so undeniably, as well as the fact that you’ve managed to create a sound akin to the image of two very hairy backed midgets with down syndrome having bad sex while a third cheers them on and simultaneously bathes in a pile of his own feces.

Please, for the love all all things good in the universe, hippie hippity hop the fuck out of the music biz forever you corny, salad-tossing cheesehead.

You suck. – (1/10)

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