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Prepare to Be Guided By Voices

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Show Preview
Guided By Voices Live @ The Showbox SoDo
October 9, 2010
By Ben Allen

Gerard Cosloy, president of Matador Records, must be one seriously persuasive individual. Not only did he talk Guided By Voices into playing his wedding, but he somehow managed to convince the original 90’s line-up to reunite and headline the label’s 21st Anniversary party in Las Vegas. I got the pleasure of attending (check out my live tweets at and can confidently recommend the following: do whatever it takes to get tickets for their short reunion tour.

This long-time cult favorite has some of the most dedicated, obsessive fans. Recent shows have seen hundreds of attendees crowd the front of the stage, pump their fists in the air and sing in unison with their beloved “Uncle Bob” to popular favorites from their best-loved albums like Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes.

For good reason. “Uncle Bob” (Lead singer/songwriter Robert Pollard) remains one of the most exciting front men in rock. Not afraid to twirl the mic or leap into big leg kicks, his performance is at once entertaining and amusing in a comical sense.

A historical event not to be missed, Guided By Voices perform Saturday, October 9 at Showbox SoDo with Times New Viking.

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