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Promote This: Audiomatiques, El Viaje De Seth & Goodbye Heart

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Audiomatiques – “High Voltage”

Fresh techno from Italy – the Naples-based group Audiomatiques (pictured above) teams up with producer DJ Frankyeffe for “High Voltage.” I can say the tempo is a satisfyingly caffeinated pulsation, the production of the electronic sounds is pristine, but as an EDM neophyte, it all sounds by-the-book to me. The sounds created do have unique timbers and a modern edge, but the rhythm fell flat to my ears. – Abe Beeson

Listen to “High Voltage”

El Viaje De Seth – “Mil Orbitas” 

Here’s what I know: El Viaje de Seth, meaning “Seth’s Journey,” is a Chilean band formed in 2010, and fronted by Sebastian Soto Chacón. “Mil Orbitas”, a track found on their Soundcloud page, evokes a similar emotional pang of grunge without the, well, inherent grunginess. The song is a clean, fine-tuned ordeal and, since I’m a unilingual fool, I can only paint in broad strokes as to what the lyrics are about. At the very least, the experience is kind of cathartic. – Cameron Deuel

Listen to “Mil Orbitas”

Goodbye Heart – “Just Kids” and “Seconal”

“Just Kids”, the opening tune from Goodbye Heart’s new EP Restless Nights immediately evokes a cold, foggy, late night on the empty streets of Seattle, with heavy electro beats, chilly keyboard-generated orchestrations, and strong, but restrained male vocals with tastefully placed female harmonies. The melody is nice enough, happily mixing in a well-placed chorus just when I start to lose interest. Second track, “Seconal” slows the tempo to sleepy, 3 a.m. dance floor make-out pace with a surprisingly major chord chorus – almost sunny, but the shadows take over quickly. – Abe Beeson

Catch Goodbye Heart June 7 at the Big BLDG Bash independent music and arts event. 

Listen to “Just Kids”

Listen to “Seconal”

Goodbye Heart

Goodbye Heart


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