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Promote This: The Big Bads, Everyone Is Dirty & Kill Matilda

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Promote This is a long-running feature wherein we write about songs and videos by emerging and unsigned bands. Send submissions to @nadamucho with hash tag #PromoteThis. This installment includes UK band The Big Bads; Canadian punk band Kill Matilda; and neo grunge rockers Everyone is Dirty.

The Big Bads – “Amazing” (@thebigbads)  

The Big Bads (pictured above) appear at the beginning of their “Amazing” music video in a visage of MCRmy-grade red and black, earnestly hoping you enjoy the product of their hard work and determination. However, as they disappear, you notice the backdrop of their video is emblazoned with the name of the stock photo site they C and P’d it from and their song is a ballad wherein the trio, bedecked in pseudo-steampunk ephemera, somberly mimes a performance of a bland song you’ve probably heard at the grocery store. While it’s not the most memorable song of all time, I’m rooting for The Big Bads. They have the potential to create a better sound if they either ditched the costumes or unflinchingly embraced them. – Cameron Deuel

Everyone Is Dirty – “Mama, No!”

Everyone Is Dirty has the tragic circumstance of being heavily influenced by all that was terrible about ‘90s grunge. Much like a literal bowel movement, that musical style started explosively and was quickly followed by a steady stream of shit that, by the end of the decade, had slowed to a trickle. The soft verse-loud chorus framework in this Oakland band’s song “Mama No!” is what Nirvana was doing 20 years ago but band sounds like they are borrowing from the bands that borrowed from them: Creed and Bush with a healthy dose of every female singer who’s ever ripped off Shirley Manson from Garbage. – Raj Noogmosh

Kill Matilda – “I Want Revenge” (@KillMatilda)

Girl fight punk rock. Inevitable, and nicely done by Canadian vagabonds Kill Matilda. The video for their new basher “I Want Revenge” brings their by-the-numbers female-fronted punk an appropriate setting – scenes of destruction in the wrestling ring, sword and pillow fights and the aforementioned roller rink. The music itself is a bit cleaner than I like my punk, but the slashing guitars and simplistic repeated chorus sure do the job. – Abe Beeson

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