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Quotes from the Stars: February 2003 Testimonials

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Let’s face it,’s staff are overzealous egomaniacs who love to hear their name spoken aloud by anyone, much less referenced by rock stars. How could we not keep a list of cool things bands have said about our little publication? Testimonials

“You guys blew it, fuck off and stop e-mailing me, I don’t want to be on your faggot ass website, so just leave me alone, forever.” –  Stephen Glover (Steve-O from MTV’s Jackass.)

“Nada Mucho is the worst Mexican dish I’ve ever eaten. After our interview I shit Nada for weeks.” –  John Richards (John in the Morning from KEXP radio in Seattle.)

“Me and the boys sometimes stop by the offices to empty our bedpans. Now that’s rock and roll –  pissin’ in an office.” – Davey from The Catheters

“Nada Mucho fuddles my fa fa.” –  Atom Goren of Atom and His Package

“When White Trash Debutantes are on the road we live in our Nada Mucho T’s. They are cool for the stage, get us lucky after the show, and get us HOT in bed.” –  Ginger Coyote, White Trash Debutantes

“My visit to your planet has been most fascinating. Your strange habits, customs, language. And what you refer to as ‘music’.. most curious.” –  Johnette Napolitano, Concrete Blonde

“ satisfies my rock itch.. and I’ve been scratching like a dog with scabies.” – Caleb Gates, Pinehurst Kids

“ I only go there when I’m reading about me.” –  Ken Bethea, Old 97s

“We’ve received negative reviews before (although they are greatly outnumbered by rave reviews) and we’re certainly open to criticism. But when a condescending, sniveling little snit like Matt thinks its cool to dump on the Dipsomaniacs like that –  he better be prepared to defend himself.” – The Dispomaniacs

“Nado Mucho: No help whatsoever when ordering at taco bell, but a goddamn treasure in cybertown!” – Jack Logan

“Nada-what? Dressy-who?” – Tammy from Dressy Bessy

“Nada Mucho rocks my crack. They’re the real deal and if you don’t believe me, fuck off!” – Leslie Nuss

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