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Recap: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and SUMA @ The Tractor

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January 20, 2016
Words and Photos by Stephanie Oster

Tad Doyle’s latest project, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, gleefully cast us into a dark, and brooding apocalyptic mindset earlier this month at the Tractor Tavern with tons of power, a wall of sound, and layers of fascinating tones that transported the audience into a different plane of reality. Comparisons could be made to Neurosis, SunnO)) and even the Melvins at their nastiest. It’s a buffet of doom and thick sludge with a sprinkling of post metal and post punk elements. The songs are long, they are intense, they take you on a journey, and it’s some seriously heady music.

It is always a treat to watch Tad’s larger than life demeanor on the stage. As a front man, he is a force to be reckoned with. In B.O.T.S.C, he plays guitar and sings (if that is what you can call it). His gravely snarl cuts through the hypnotic riffs and driving base lines of the four-piece ensemble. He sounds like a vulture straight from hell coming to peck your eyes out. Peggy Doyle destroys on the bass, and there is just something about her that is completely intriguing to watch…it’s like she is astral projecting to some weird place beyond us all.

Together with Dave French on drums and second guitarist Pamela Sternin, the group delivered a thick, heavy, doom laden, atmospheric gut punch.

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Brothers of the Sonic Cloth @ The Tractor by Stephanie Oster for Nada Mucho 20

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