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Sage Francis: Do Not Judge Him By His Fans

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Sage Francis is one of those performers who keeps you coming back for more, time and time again, despite an incredibly annoying fan base.

I’ve seen a lot of Sage’s shows and every single one has been marred by obnoxious male fan. The common thread? They are young (20’s), white and drunk. They mostly yell out things like “Yeah Sage! play <insert a song from A Healthy Distrust> or “Fuck You Sage” with their middle finger raised high like an appendage of honor.

I get it, finally a rapper you “found” and no one else likes because he is “ssssssooooooooo underground.” Now it’s your chance to let everyone around you know you found him first. Listen up though assholes: Sage has been in the game more than 20 years and even though he is far from the mainstream his reach has been consistently growing over the course of his six different yet equally excellent studio albums, as well as a shit ton of mix tapes over the years.

His performance at Neumos on June 13 was no different, boasting a healthy dose of on stage humor (He wears a wig at the beginning of his set so to differentiate him from opener B Dolan) followed by skilled rhyming throughout old sing-along jams and new soon-to-be sing-along jams.

OK fine I gotta admit it… I used to be one of those annoying fans. But this time I just stayed cool and enjoyed the show. I swear.

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