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Sasquatch Preview: Matt’s Top 5 for Friday

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Sasquatch Music & Arts Festival
May 24-27, 2013
George, Washington
By Matt Ashworth 

For the last couple months I’ve been listening to every band performing at Sasquatch this year and Tweeting my thoughts (@ashmatty #NMsquatch). It’s the third straight year I’ve done it, so despite the fact that I’m not actually heading over to Gorge this weekend I feel both qualified and entitled to tell you which acts you should go see.

There’s definitely no “easing in to” things with the lineup this year, as a handful of outstanding acts perform the first evening. Here’s my top five for Friday.

Eric Blood

Both as a producer (The Lights’ Failed Graves) and a musician (The Turn-Ons’ East), Erik Blood is responsible for some of my favorite Seattle bands that never got the national acclaim they deserved. In 2012 he mixed his various influences (shoegaze, Motown. krautrock. Britpop and hipihop to name just a few) into a wonderfully cohesive solo album, Touch Screens.

Red Fang

These Portland headbangers are long-time staff favorites who are getting their due outside the region, including a highly-entertaining 2012 European tour documentary.

Schoolboy Q

Smart, weird and vulnerable with Jay-Z-sized hooks and an impeccable attention to detail, this is not your Daddy’s gangster rap.

Built to Spill

Tender melodies and intricate, soaring guitar parts are this Boise, Idaho bands’ defining characteristics. Their set a few years ago at the Capitol Hill Block Party showed that they’re new material sounds just as epic live as selections from earlier in their catalogue including this one:


Macklemore might be my favorite musical success story of all time. Like so many cats we’ve come across in our days as live music promoters, this one spent a decade slaving away in his basement and empty clubs before people took note of his talent and started paying attention. Dripping with heart and authenticity from every pore, Mack and his musical magician producer friend Ryan Lewis will bring their full entourage to the Sasquatch stage to close out the first night of the festival. I’ll watch this and be there in spirit.

Follow the Nada crew at Sasquatch in real time this weekend via our Twitter feed at @nadamucho.

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