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Seattle’s Historic Comet Tavern to Reopen in 2014

Posted by November 7th, 2013 1 Comment »

By Matt Ashworth

Great news for Seattle music fans: Jason Lajuenesse and David Meinert – two local entrepreneurs (and legitimate music fanatics) who already have a stake in a range of local businesses including the 5 Point Cafe, Barboza, Big Mario’s Pizza, Capitol Hill Block Party, Lost Lake Cafe, and Neumos – signed a lease to take over the Comet Tavern yesterday morning.

“We plan to continue to have some live music, but not every night of the week. We will revive much of the Comet’s lost charms, from pool tables, to pinball games, to a karaoke night, while introducing a small food menu for the first time in the Comet’s history,” Lajeunesse said.

Up until it closed suddenly last month due to a lease agreement, the Comet had played host to local and touring bands for more than 25 years, including an important role during the early ’90s “grunge” explosion.

One thought on “Seattle’s Historic Comet Tavern to Reopen in 2014

  1. Nick Nefferson says:

    This is good news. Hopefully they can bring back that same smell that was in there too

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