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Staff Bio: Mark Watters

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Mark Watters, Web Designer

When I was in Jr. High this bully stole my lunch money. I retaliated by killing his cat. Was I wrong?
No, that is a perfect way to get back at somebody. Hit ‘em where it hurts.

Name your five favorite movies released in the 1980’s.
Weird Science, First Blood, Hoosiers, Raising Arizona?, Godfather 1 & 2, Caddyshack.

Name four songs that nearly make you shit they are so good.
“This Ain’t Living” – G Love and Special Sauce
“Buddy” (Native Tongues Decision) – De La Soul
“Deacon Blues” – Steely Dan
“Hey Hey What Can I Do” – Led Zeppelin

What is wrong with you?
Time and Newsweek recently summed up everything that is wrong with me up in their features on “the hippest disorders of all time.” All of the things that are wrong with me can be explained by initials (ADD,) or a catchy phrase (shitting-self-in-social-situations-disorder.)

Why can’t you ever do anything right?
I fuck everything up on purpose so as not to raise my personal bar too high.

Who at Nada Mucho would you most like to have sex with?

What is the last item of clothing that you purchased, and why?
A midnight blue scarf from Nordstroms. My neck was cold.

If you could be animal, what would it be?

Cheetahs are hot and fast.

Tell me your five most favorite bands of all time.
Beatles; Rolling Stones; Led Zeppelin; De La Soul; Beastie Boys/Beck.

Briefly explain your role in the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I was the figurehead who performed the inaugural first whack with a sledgehammer. (Little known fact.)

If you were locked in a basement for two months and had to choose two of the following items (VCR and TV and Stereo available to you), which would you choose: A Jewel CD, a Replacements CD, a Butthole Surfers CD, the movie Home for the Holidays, Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke, an inspirational spoken-word performance by Deepak Chapra, the first Def Leppard album, Run DMC’s Raising Hell, the Band’s tour video The Last Waltz, or the documentary of the Jim Jones story?
Raising Hell and the Band’s video.

Name the first concert you ever saw and the favorite show you’ve ever seen.
First: The Beach Boys – Central Washington State Fair, Yakima, Washington.
Favorite: Tom Waits – 5th Ave Theater, Seattle, Washington.

Write a paragraph on the merits of Mike Seaver.
In the eighties, Mike Seaver was the quintessential older sibling/male role model in a family with two or more kids. He had all the qualities that make up the best of the human spirit: good moral character, compassion, honesty, friendliness, and a loving nature. But he also possessed a charming yet devious side that made him irresistible to all, yet made them wary of him at the same time. It’s this dichotomy that made him the idol he was.

What are you top 5 favorite albums of all time?
The Beatles’ Abby Road, the Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet, the debut from G Love and Special Sauce, Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys, and One Foot in the Grave/Mellow Gold by Beck.

Name three songs you are embarrassed to like.
“Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)” – by Enya
“Wonderful Christmas Time” – Paul McCartney
“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” –Nsync

The rock star you’d most like to have sex with is . . . . . . . ?
T-Boz of TLC.

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