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Staff Bio: Paul Hermann

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Introduction and Entrance Interview by Matt Ashworth, Editor-in-Chief

Let’s face it, we’re getting old. Most of the staff have turned 30 or are knocking loudly at its door. Some of us have families. And houses. Most of us have jobs. The result? Less time to neurotically consume, evaluate and editorialize what is largely disposable forms of art and entertainment.

Nevertheless, our little cult of personalities still has a cumulative hunger for the consumption of pop culture. We listen to records. A lot of records. More than you do, for sure. We watch movies. Pretty much every movie. And TV? The television has been our friend, our caretaker and our living room centerpiece our entire lives, just like everybody else our age.

OK, so this explains how come we’re still able to tell you about the White Stripes three years before you decide to actually go buy a White Stripes album, but what does it have to do with Paul Hermann?

The answer is simple – nothing. I just wanted to reminisce for awhile before we introduced you to our newest contributor, who, by-the-way, just happens to be the same age Gabe and I were when we first dreamt up this little publication, is my first official protégé, has a grasp on pop culture and eye for what’s going to be “the next best thing” like none I’ve ever seen in a 21-year-old, and is still green enough to have the energy and optimism it takes to publish an international online entertainment magazine without a cent in monetary compensation. Right now, that’s the most valuable asset anyone can bring to our jaded, apathetic and world-weary team.

Entrance Interview

Who the hell are you and from whence have you come?
I’m Paul Gerhard Hermann from the fair ghetto Everett…

Which rock star would you most like to have sex with?
Lita Ford from the runaways. Definitely.

In what ways are you willing to whore yourself for the collective good of Nada Mucho for little to no reward?
Writing and interviewing bands…

The White Stripes: retro fluke or the real deal?
Can’t say. Not until Jack White gets his head out his ass…

What’s your favorite Nicholas Cage Movie?
Raising Arizona.

Does it frighten you that I kinda have a crush on you?
Not really.

Name four songs that are so good they make you shit.
“Don’t fear the reaper” – Blue Oyster Cul
“Say it Ain’t So” – Weezer
“Last Dance with Mary Jane” – Tom Petty
“Boots of Spanish Leather” – Bob Dylan

Paper or Plastic?

Don’t use that many exclamation points anymore. Ever.

What was the first album you ever bought?
Tom Petty’s Wildflowers.

Wow. You’re younger than me. How about concerts? What was the first live show you ever attended?
MXPX at the DV8.

What are your five favorite albums of all time?
Weezer – Weezer
Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska
Bob Dylan – Times are a Changin’
Pedro the Lion – Winners Never Quit
U2 – The Joshua Tree

Compare and Contrast Thurston Moore and a studded dog collar.
Moore is like a dog collar…his music grabs by the neck and never lets go…I guess… Who wrote these questions anyway?

Never mind, Rookie.

Please guesstimate the collective weight of the band Wilson Phillips.
300 pounds…that one chick lost weight so its not going to be that bad now.

Name three movies you liked more than Shawshank Redemption.
Donnie Darko
Boondock Saints

Three actors of the same sex you’d consider sleeping with are………….
NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Liar. What do you like most about Nada Mucho?
That it’s about music…wanting to cover GOOD music and making it fun and not snobby…

What makes you think people give a fuck what you have to say about popular culture?
My baby sitter was the TV…nuff said…

How do you define popular culture?
What’s in the news…the trends in entertainment…you know. Whatever MTV says is cool – that kind of stuff.

Three examples of why TV doesn’t suck after all. Go……….
It’s got hot girls, more hot girls and even more hot girls…

Books. Do you read them? If so, which ones? And why?
Well I don’t read that much…but I do read the Bible…oh and a book called Our Band could be Your Life about the 80’s underground scene, it owns…

Stop using slang that I’m too old to have heard in conversation before. And stop reading crappy books by SPIN hacks. Now get back to work. Fucking kids these days ……

Paul Herman shoes

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