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Suction: Back Together at the Devil’s Behest

Posted by February 2nd, 2013 No Comments » Interview – Suction
Q&A with John Felthous & Carlos Salazar
Interview by Matt Ashworth 

Once a staple at college radio stations across the region, Seattle’s Suction are back and recording new material for the first time since 1999. Between 1990 and 1999 the band performed at every venue in the Northwest, including the original “Moe’s” that occupied the space that has become Neumos. With influences like Bob Mould, Helmet and Killing Joke, you can bet your sore neck that these guys bring the heavy, aggressive punk-influenced rock music without sounding like a rehash of bands who were tagged with the “G word.” What is Suction and why should anyone care?
John Felthous: We have nothing to say, and we’re saying it.
Carlos Salazar: What he said.

NM: You guys reunited after more than 15 years. What brought you back?
CS: It was 13 years, and because the devil told us to.
JF: Carlos contacted me about doing a reunion show with some other bands that used to play the Off Ramp, and to everyone’s surprise I said, “Hell, yes!” It seems like everyone who’s been in Suction considers the band unfinished business.

NM: What’s changed about the Seattle music scene since your first go-around?
JF: You kids and your laptops. You’ll have to pry our stomp boxes from our cold, dead hands.

NM: What other local bands are you excited about right now?
JF: The Valley, Helms Alee and Absolute Monarchs.
CS: Greenriver Thrillers, Dark Matter Noise and Spiderface.

NM: What can people expect from your show February 16 at Barboza?
JF: About 150db.
CS: If there’s one thing we praise ourselves and our fans for, we know how to have a good time and thats what our live shows are all about.

NM: Anything else you want our readers to know?
JF: Bring earplugs.

Suction play TBASA &’s monthly showcase at Barboza on February 16 with Daughters of the Dead Sea and Badwater Fire Company.

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