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Super Black Market Escapes the Midwest

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Super Black Market 
Will Sell Anything  
Minnow Records
By Kris Kegley 

On my first Midwest tour earlier this year, I had the opportunity to check out some of the diverse sounds boiling out from the center of the continent. One act that particularly stood out was Super Black Market, the latest band to break out of the budding Kansas City indie scene.

The band formed in 2004 when Sonny (vocals, bass) and Joseph Remlinger (drums) teamed up with guitarists Trent White and Brian Bluml to form a punk outfit with strong DIY influences a la At The Drive-In, Hot Water Music, and (as their name implies) the legendary Clash.

Having such glorious influences only pays off if you can deliver the goods, though, and Super Black Market do, both live and on their debut album.

Will Sell Anything combines rhythm-heavy, punchy punk rock with razor sharp lyrics, leaving listeners bruised and educated. And although it’s a debut, it is not the work of rookies; Joseph and Trent logged countless hours in their previous band, BYO Recording artist Kosher, and Sonny honed the sound and songwriting that drives Super Black Market in the heavy-hitting quintet Dynamo.

Super Black Market’s energetic live show takes this combination of good songwriting and punk attitude a step further, giving the audience that exclusive “insider” feeling. Seeing them live feels like it must have felt like to be one of the select few who got to catch Black Flag play in a basement.

In their short time being together, Super Black Market has caused a massive stir in their native Midwest. As you read this, plans are already in the works for their West Coast debut. Don’t miss it.

Dubbed “The Lone Ranger Of Rock,” Kris Kegley, aka KEG, is the first rock ‘n roll artist to sing and play all instruments ENTIRELY by himself live. See for more. 

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