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The Axl Rose of Hip-Hop? Ben on Dr. Dre’s New Video

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Is Dr. Dre Going Batshit Crazy?
A Review of the “I Need A Doctor” Video

It’s official: Dr Dre is the Axl Rose of the hip hop world.

Much like Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy, the storied producer’s long-delayed album, Detox, has been in the works for a decade. Apparently the two men share an enthusiasm for chasing a grand vision,  tweaking and manipulating their art until they consider it “perfect.”

If Dre’s new single and video is any indication, though, Detox may be as mystifying to fans as Chinese Democracy was. “I Need a Doctor” is an overindulgent, pretentious piece of work that’s certain to leave viewers thoroughly confused.

It starts off with Dre driving along a picturesque road and reflecting on his career achievements until his car crashes in a comical, movie-style manner. What follows is a bunch of footage of Eminem rapping to a comatose Dre as he convalesces in a water tank in some type of high tech laboratory.

Em’ raps about how Dre brought him into the game and how he still believes in him, even if Dre himself is less than confident
in his current ability. The good doctor soon wakes up and spits a verse about how he first met Eminem and how the rap game still needs him, all while he’s in the middle of a serious workout. There’s even a weird angel floating around in the lab singing the chorus.

Most disappointing is the fact the song isn’t any better than the video that accompanies it. A stripped down beats plods along while Dr kicks an uninspired verse. Where’s the G-Funk magic found on The Chronic, or the instantly memorable minimalism on The Chronic 2001? It’s as if Dre has forgotten he’s a rapper and not a member of some crazy prog-rock band.

Hopefully this uninspiring song and confusing concept video don’t fully represent what the man has been up to for the last decade.



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