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The First in a Hopefully Short-Lived Series: Matt Brown in Photo

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Matt Brown is a person. A living, breathing person with feelings, just like you. When you cut Matt Brown, he bleeds.

Matt Brown is also Seattle’s greatest rock ‘n roll fan. If you’re a local band and Matt Brown comes to your show, it’s a sign you’re on the right track. Either that or there’s a girl there with low self-esteem who’s caught his fancy.

Most nights you’ll find Matt Brown bussing between the city’s music bars to stand at the very front of the stage and smile whiile nodding his head along to whoever’s on stage. When the mood strikes him, he sometimes even goes on to the stage to sing with his many local musician friends.

In celebration of this great man and one-time contributor, we offer you a new series: Matt Brown Pic of the Month.

Here, he poses inexplicably with Henry Winkler, the actor who played Aurthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on TV’s The Happy Days. How Matt Brown had occasion to pose with Henry Winkler we do not know.

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