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The Locust: Plague Soundscapes

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The Locust – Plague Soundscapes
Epitaph Records.
By Professor MayMayN0Lo 

I was totally prepared to hate the new Locust album; looking forward to it even.

My unhealthy skepticism developed in response to a dance remix of the San Diego power violence band’s last album, not to mention rumors that their new album being on Epitaph (all Anti’s contact info is at who have a history of watering down harsh music for public consumption.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t get to hate Plague Soundscapes. Because its good. Really fucking good.

If you don’t know about the Locust, then you’ll come in to the band’s 2003 release without any preconceived notions about what it will sound like, which is downright unique. Changing traditional 80s hardcore to a more chaotic, Devo-inspired hurricane of sound frequently enough to keep newcomers interested and long-time fans from wondering what happened. The result? Plague Soundscapes kicks a lotta ass.

The album’s 23 tracks are tight, with brilliantly-clever song titles like: “The half-eaten Sausage Would Like to See you in His Office” and “Identity Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy.”

The recording is solid and the mix is clean, allowing for the band’s original and at times off-putting sound to come through.

Grab the white belt, get your girlfriend’s haircut and your little sister’s shirt and go get this shit. …..FUUUCCKINSLAAAYYER!!! – (7/10)

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