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The Spits Live: Seattle Rock Guy Survives Flatulence, Flying Beer Cans

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ALive & Kicking
The Spits/Personal & the Pizzas/The Coconut Coolouts
Live @ Chop Suey
Monday, February 22
By Nik Cristofferson, Seattle Rock Guy

Monday night pretty much ruled.

Local punk rock legends The Spits played Chop Suey with Seattle virgins Personal and the Pizzas (NJ), party animals the Coconut Coolouts and early bird openers The Pranks. DJ Kurt Bloch spun records between sets keeping things loose.

Coconut Coolouts are always a ton of fun with their double drum party themed jams complete with Banana bass player. Tunes like “(Please Don’t Break Me Out Of) Party Jail” and “I Wanna Come Back From the World of LSD” stirred up a nice little dance party nicely augmented by the girls in local pop-outfit TacoCaT. They even jumped on stage for a song jokingly credited to Bill Cosby and the Pudding Pops.

New Jersey natives Personal and Pizzas made their Seattle debut by being totally rad. With thick Jersey accents (didn’t somebody say they were from San Fran?) and an arsenal of tuneful garage punk tunes, Seattle welcomed the Pizzas in typical punk rock fashion – by pelting them with empty PBR tall boys. At the bands insistence, more and more objects were tossed on stage throughout the set, including full drinks and possibly a shoe.

For a brief moment it seemed the remainder of the evening would be spoiled by some unruly and unrelenting flatulence near the left side of the stage, but when the “Fucking” Spits (as they should be deemed by now) took the stage, the scattering mass quickly forgave the mystery offender, and gave into the splendor that is a Spits live performance.

The Spits LiveThey opened with the triumphant “Fuck You!” amidst a thick fog and forbidding red glow after lighting one of Lance’s cymbals ablaze and popping off a few rounds of fire crackers on the small stage. Not sure how they got away with that one, but it was certainly an impressive and ballsy move. Meanwhile, Sean, Erin, Lance, and Greg on keys dumped buckets of The Spits’ most loved sing-alongs onto the drunken mess of a crowd, who eventually turned the Chop Suey floor into one big sea of boozed up, pushing, shoving, and throw-your neighbors-drink-at-the-band insanity. Best show of 2010 so far? Certainly a prime candidate!

Check out this account of the show posted on The Stranger’s music blog “Line Out” too. Not only is it hilarious, but it strangely mirrors my experience. Probably due to my choice to not fully participate in the evening’s debauchery.

Nik Christofferson runs the groovy Seattle blog Seattle Rock Guy. In fact, Nik Christofferson is the Seattle Rock Guy.

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