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The Triumph of Wisdom: New Van Morrison Album Does Not Dissapoint

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Van Morrison – Born to Sing: No Plan
Blue Note Records
Chris Dosch 

Lets face it folks, Van Morrison has been down a long, rough road. But you know what? So have we. And Van’s been there with us every step of the way with classic singles like “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Moondance” and breath-taking albums like Astral Weeks.

With Born to Sing: No Plan B, Van is here again, asking us to open our hearts and give him one more listen.

The sixty-seven year old definitely sounds older this time around. He’s tired, he’s lonely and his view of the future is not optimistic, but he makes up for it in wisdom.

From the sound of this album you’d think it was written while sitting on a beach in southern France and watching the occupy movement unfold through daily updates written in a small, low-budget newspaper. Which, knowing Van, it may very well have been.

Don’t let your first impressions of this albums’ sound dissuade you. What at first sounds like a cheap Casio keyboard in the background will slowly morph into the most soothing sound you have ever had seep deep into your soul. It’s a nice contrast to the album’s overall tone, which is one of overall irritation with the ways of the world. And Morrison’s still one of the most amazing rock vocalists working today.

The best part: “Educating Archie,” Van’s more than five minute rant against the capitalist system.

The worst part: The end. That is until you reach over and start the record again. – (8/10)


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