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To Discover Atlas Genius, Press “A”

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Atlas Genius Live @ The Neptune Theatre
Monday, November 11, 2013
By Sam Hardy
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Think back a few years: you hear a catchy new song on the radio and you’re lucky enough to catch the artist name and title of the song read off by the DJ.

Maybe you tuned in to the back half of a cut in the car, but you couldn’t make out the lyrics. And you couldn’t Shazam it; the most complicated thing your phone did was snake (confession: It took me nearly 10 years to successfully ID Stakka Bo’s, ‘Here we go again’).

Since the deregulation of radio stations in the mid 90’s, music discovery via top-40 and alternative radio has become more difficult, with homogenized music selections funneling into just a few clear-channel approved rotations per market. Where does one go for deep album cuts (or, in my case, strange Scandanavian house?).

One such medium: video game soundtracks.

Last year I found myself playing hours of FIFA 13, a wildly popular video game known just as much for its 30 leagues as its large selection of upbeat international pop (the songs run the gamut… from major label pop artist remixes to K-Pop).

After several plays of the game, one song in particular began to stand out: “If So,” by Atlas Genius. Thumping beats? Hamonies? 80s-style synths? Check…check…check!

Aussie brothers and bandmates Keith and Michael Jeffrey (on lead guitar and drums, respectively) brought a similar style to their first single, Trojans, which received so much buzz in the music blogosphere that it seemed inevitable that a major label would come calling. That was 2011. In February, their debut album dropped and their fall tour has brought them stateside.

If your favorite method of music discovery still involves a cocktail, a lighter and a stop by the merch table, Atlas Genius are at The Neptune Theatre on November 11 with psych pop outfit Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (and, if you’re lucky, they’ll tell you the song titles throughout the show).

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