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Voyager One: Monster Zero

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Voyager OneMonster Zero
Loveless Records
By Will Wagler

“Space Rock” used to be the favorite buzzword for bands like Voyager One. However, the term was a bit limiting.

The brains and brawn of the group, Jeramy Keopping and Peter Marchese, spent a year finishing Monster ZeroMonster Zerowith the band’s previous recordings.

Maturity is the strength that unites Monster Zero’s sound from start to finish. This time around, V1 has effectively added the sophistication of some trip-hop influences. Several songs contain a steady and constant dance beat that continues throughout. But don’t worry, this album is still vintage Voyager One. You still get that familiar feeling of coasting in slow motion through bright colored nebula clouds. Their music still creates that sensation of a spacey breeze cooling you as you lounge on alien landscapes of yet another new and beautiful planet.

The downside of Monster Zero‘s mature sound is the high peaks and low valleys aren’t as prevalent as on previous records. The tempo stays mid-range throughout most of the album. There are almost as many instrumental songs as lyrical ditties, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This type of album works for just about all occasions, including: philosophical conversation, sexual intercourse, writing album reviews and party games. Definitely avoid listening to this album if you are tossing and turning with a high fever. It can make those malicious dreams even more torturous.

Song highlights include “Wires,” which echoes sonorous swells over and through the rambling rhythm of bass and drums. The tasteful melodies of “Ready. Reset.” remind the listener Voyager One is still indeed a guitar driven band. Don’t let the departure of bassist Dayna Loeffler keep you from seeing them live. The album ends with “Praise the Lowered” and “Tokyoidaho,” two long, peaceful journeys that will lull you to sleep and give you pleasant dreams of the wondrous sights of space – all seen through the window of Voyager One.

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