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We’re Doing #NadaFest Again on 10/18 and 10/19 and It Will Rule Your Face

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Nada Fest 2019: Preview
Friday, Oct. 18 and Saturday, Oct. 19
The Skylark Cafe in West Seattle
By Paul Broderson

We’re doing it again you guys… Nada Fest. It’s a yearly event where we showcase a bunch of the emerging or under appreciated local bands we’ve recently highlighted on this here blog,

Each night has about eight bands each, all of which I am personally vouching for. You’re likely to see a band that will be on-stage at Capitol Hill Block Party or Bumbersoot in the next couple of years.

Opening night on Friday, October 18 has a bunch of different rock and punk and indie bands that don’t sound like each other. Headlining are the epic Downtown, who put on one of the best live shows in town.

Downtown @ Nada Fest 2018 by Marcus Klotz

Saturday will be a bit more chill with some folk and some Americana and some rock. Antonioni and Temple Canyon in particular are already blowing up and likely to no longer play rooms this small very soon. Opener Aaron Semer just put out a new album on Knick Knack Records. And I’m really looking forward to Garden Chat which features the main dude from another great Seattle band, Crazy Eyes.

Temple Canyon @ The Sunset in 2017 by Keith Trix Woodward II

Entry for each night is just $10 a night and you can get tickets at the door when you get to the Skylark in West Seattle.

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