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Q: What is is a volunteer online music and culture magazine publishing from the Seattle area since March 1997. We also book and promote live shows, though not as often as we used to.


Q: Why?

Because we like music. We like to listen to it. We like to talk about it. And we like to watch it performed.


Q: Who’s responsible for this? was founded by Gabe Baker and Matt AshworthMatt maintains the site with the help of lots of cool, talented people. 


Q: What do you cover?  

We mostly write about standard music blog type stuff – album reviews, interviews with bands, show previews – but we are also sharing our own experience of producing

Stuff in the “Classic Nada” section is where we share articles from our first 8-9 years and make fun of ourselves. The “Our Projects” section is where we very openly write about our own contributors and the projects they are involved in.


Q: You guys know that “Nada Mucho” isn’t even really a proper Spanish language construction, right?

Yes, we do. The name was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek stab at how pretentious the mainstream music press had become by 1997.

To us, Nada Mucho means “a lot of nothing” even if it means “swims a lot” to Spanish speakers. So just leave us alone, already. No one gave Beck any flack for “Soy un perdedor” did they?


Q: Will you guys review my band’s album?  



Q: Can my band play one of your Presents showcases? 

For booking inquiries contact Tim “TBASA” Basaraba at tbasamusic (at) gmail (dot) com.


Q: You guys seem awesome. How do I get involved? 

Write editor (at) nadamucho (dot) com if you are interested in contributing. We’re always looking for people who are passionate about music and pop culture. You also need to have a sense of humor.


Q: Where can I find out even more about 

You could watch this Seattle Refined segment about our yearly #NadaFest.

Or you could read this article from the Seattle Weekly. Or this one.

Or check out Nada Editor Matt Ashworth on the “Word on the Street” podcast or “The Pat Down” show on Mountainhouse TV.

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