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Photo Set: Smino’s Hoopti Tour Stops @ Showbox Sodo

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Maurice Harnsberry – If you slept on the Smino show in Seattle last month let this serve as a heads up: get familiar with this artist and check him out next time he rolls through. The Saint Louis–born, Chicago-based MC stopped by the Showbox Sodo April 4 on his “Hoopti Tour” and delivered a phenomenal show. He’s the type of performer that thrives off the vibe of the crowd, which on this evening was fun and energetic.

Track Review: NRVS LVRS’ “Whatever & Ever”

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Caroline Anne – “Whatever & Ever” is the latest single from NRVS LVRS, the San Francisco based, electronic pop duo made of real-life wife and husband Bevin Fernandez (keyboards, synth, vocals) and Andrew Gomez (guitar, vocals). Formed in 2014, NRVS LVRS curate from a diversity of genres on each album that are mesmerizing, inspiring and entertaining.

Photo Set: Noname @ Showbox Sodo

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Maurice Harnsberry – NoName’s sold-out performance at the Showxox on date was phenomenal. The crowd sang along, word-for-word, as she performed songs from her Room 25 and Telefone albums. The vibe was so good she even stopped rapping a couple of times so she could hear the crowd perform.

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