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Flag Day? More Like Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

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Tim Basaraba – We know Sean Penn can direct. He proved this with his first three films: The Indian Runner (1991), The Crossing Guard (1995) and The Pledge (2001). With his next – Into the Wild (2007) – he wowed critics and proved he could deliver financial success as well. This time around, Penn attempted to reach a mass audience with a father/daughter film costarring his daughter, Dylann.

Shang-Chi: More Like a Trip to Narnia than a Visit to the Dojo

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Tim Basaraba – ou had me at Marvel. SPOILER ALERT: I love comic books – I love the adaptations to animation, television and, most of all, the full-length feature films. I praise the good films as great and the bad films as not that bad. So am I the best, unbiased source for superhero movie reviews? Who cares. I’m going to tell you my thoughts anyways.

The Suicide Squad: Still Life for DC

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Tim Basaraba – Hey! Let’s add a “The” to the title and hope everyone forgets the fact that the same film came out five years ago. I assume that was James Gunn’s pitch to Warner Brothers. At the time he signed on to direct, Gunn was a hot–if not the hottest–director in the superhero genre.

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