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En Memorium: Estelle Getty 1923 – 2008

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Dan Lurie – Fantasies can come in all shapes and sizes, and in some cases, ages. While young men across this great nation might claim that Kathy Ireland was their first obsession, they would be lying. Everyone knows that, when it comes to cream dreams for Generation X’ers, the ultimate provider was none other than Rue McClanahan, a.k.a. Blanche Devereaux, a.k.a. the Golden Girl who mounted more men than Evel Kenievel mounted motorbikes.

Men’s Recovery Project: Magic, Mystery, and Season One of VH1’s The Pickup Artist

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Chris Klepac – An odd thing is happening in singles bars around the nation – an army of ridiculously overdressed, formerly hapless Internet geeks, Dungeons and Dragons aficionados, and assorted other misfits is descending on Ladies’ Nights and Happy Hours everywhere, armed with pre-scripted pickup routines and hokey magic tricks, and they are scoring.

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