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10 Things We Asked Eddie Spaghetti

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Nada Mucho Interview – The Supersuckers
10 Things We Asked Eddie Spaghetti
By Matt Ashworth

Back in 1998, before was the music and entertainment powerhouse it is today, we weren’t always as confident as we looked.

Incapable of understanding why our favorite rock stars were interviewing with dozens of hacks whose only bylines should have been in their own crappy fanzines, we forged ahead – credibility and readership dilemmas aside.

Good or bad, we wrote boldly and honestly about the bands we were interested in and any who were kind enough to send us their music for review. The result wasn’t always pretty, but it was entertaining a majority of the time.

Many of the artists we liked back then were still busy trying to be the Nirvana or Pearl Jam, which meant many of our interview requests fell on the deaf ears of high-priced agents and publicity firms. Other times we were too lazy to get something set up in time to make it worth their while. Other times we just chickened out.

We actually never requested an interview with The Supersuckers, probably because we were too scared they’d say something stupid or were scared shitless about looking like the starstruck fanboy idiots we probably were.

Instead, we came up with 10 things we wanted to ask the band’s singer/songwriter/bassist/badass Eddie Spaghetti and ran it as a self-deprecating feature called “10 Things We’d Ask Eddie Spaghetti if Eddie Spaghetti Would Really Talk to Us.”
Now it’s five years later. We’ve gotten over most of these insecurities, and all signs point to us being very, very cool.

No surprise, then, that I interviewed Eddie for Tablet & before the new Supersuckers album Motherfuckers be Trippin’, came out this year. Eddie, being the gentleman that he is, humored us with responses to those 10 original questions.

Here then, after five long years, we present Eddie Spaghetti’s responses with the original questions and intro to:

10 Things We’d Ask Eddie Spaghetti If Eddie Spaghetti Would Actually Talk to Us

Our most recent staff poll indicates that Eddie Spaghetti, lyricist, bassist and apparent spokesman for the Supersuckers, is third on our overall list of “Rock Stars We’d Most Like to Interview.” One and two were Dylan and Prince.

If Mr. Spaghetti weren’t too busy rockin’ the socks off kids the world over and actually had time to pander to wannabe zines like, the following ten questions would be the first out of our mouths……

1) Is Spaghetti your real name?
Eddie Spaghetti: Yes, Eduardo Caliente Spaghettini the Third is my full, legal name.

2) Do you like Spaghetti?
ES: As long as it’s got some flesh in it.

3) Do you still say “Fuck?”
ES: Fuck no man, I got a fuckin’ kid now. I can’t be fuckin’ cussing all the fuckin’ time no fuckin’ more.

4) Can we tell people we’re friends with you?
ES: No.

5) Sabbath, AC/DC, Motorhead, Supersuckers … are we missing anybody essential?
ES: Ramones, CCR, Zeke, The Replacements, Thin Lizzy, X, etc…

6) You ever smoke grass with Willie Nelson?
ES: Yep.

7) Is his daughter hot?
ES: Too hot for you, punk.

8) If so, could we have her phone number?
ES: See above.

9) Could you give us the exact translation for this snippet in “Poor?” It’s been drivin’ us nuts. “Cuesto un ojo, de la cara, pendejo.”
ES: I think it means “shove it up your ass, bitch.” You’ll have to ask Dancing Eagle, he speaks that freaky-deaky Spanish on that track.

10) Say something cool.
ES: Pollution is the solution to the problem that is Man.

Read Matt’s feature article on the band.

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