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Deerhoof Vs Evil: 14 Years of Noisy Madness Comes to Neumos

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Deerhoof – Deerhoof Vs Evil
Polyvinyl Records
By Charlie Larson

February 25 at Neumos, my ears will be eager to witness noise firsthand.

Ten albums in fourteen years, Deerhoof vs Evil is Deerhoof’s latest album and it brings the noise, experimentation, and vocal melodies they have come to be known for.

From guitars to synths, the tones and textures that make up this album are fantastic. The balance of noisy madness, while still reeling in a well-structured song is what listeners can expect from Deerhoof vs Evil.

This cacophony of sound is perfect on “The Merry Barracks,”  which instantly grabbed me with a fuzzy guitar and a drum groove that would make any head bob back and forth. Then, what feels like out of nowhere, the tempo changes to an entirely new upbeat melodic rocker. It works beautifully, especially when the song ends as it does with a drum groove that is nothing short of infectious.

Immediately following comes the light-hearted “No One Asked to Dance. ” With a latin feel between the guitar, drums, and synth (which sounds like my first casio), this beautiful song feels like it should be heard somewhere near rolling tumbleweeds in a western film.  This direct and well-crafted track gives great balance to an album that sounds improvisational and noisy, yet intricate.

“Must Fight Current” begins with a syncopated guitar lick and noise that come together like a whirlwind, but, like before, it instantly moves somewhere new – a melodic duet where frontwoman Satomi Matsuzaki sings almost hilariously, “Don’t marry me… I’m going to sue you.”

Chimes bounce warmly back and forth with a drum groove that should, once again, make any head bob . This dreamy state which is created from beginning to end of “Must Fight Current ” is worth leaving on repeat.

Deerhoof vs Evil starts strong but the last four songs don’t feel up to par with the the beginning of the album.  I lost some interest listening to “Hey I Can,” when sporadic changes in dynamics became too much.  Maybe these songs take a few more doses to actually sink in for my ears.

Regardless I’m extremely curious how the textures, tones, and noise of the album will come across live at Neumos. – (7/10)

Opening for Deerhoof February 25 at Neumos are Ben Butler and Mousepad and Special Explosion. Buy tickets.  

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