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Interview: A Short, Sugary Taste of Tangerine Before Treefort

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Treefort Music Fest
March 23-27, 2016
Boise, Idaho 

By Marcus Shriver

Tangerine is one of the hottest bands in Seattle right now. A heartbreaking mix of some of the sweetest pop you’ll ever taste, and an energetic edge that compliments that sugary talented power, this group, comprised of Marika (vocals), Miro (drums), and Toby (guitar), has been taking over Seattle and will soon sugarcoat the world.

Having just released their Sugar Teeth EP on Tacoma’s Swoon Records, Tangerine aree touring through the U.S. and we are super excited our paths are crossing outside of Seattle. They will be playing the Treefort Music Fest on March 25 at 7 p.m. the Linen Building.

They’ll be taking over on our Instagram for the weekend beginning Friday as well, sharing shots and thoughts from Boise.

Prior to their trip, I asked the bands a few questions. Tell us a little bit about Tangerine and where you are as a band.

Tangerine: We are a Seattle based trio that released an EP in February and toured down to Austin for SXSW. On April 16 we start our first full USA tour in support of the EP and finishing things up with Sasquatch Music Festival and Capitol Hill Block Party this summer. We’re really excited for all that right now.

Tangerine at Summit Block Party 2015 by Alex Crick

Tangerine at Summit Block Party 2015 by Alex Crick

NM: How has touring been going? Any interesting/weird things happen so far?

T: Tour has been awesome. Let’s see…in Austin we experienced a crazy lightning storm, spent 45 minutes ordering Subway , annnd hmm…Marika made a random, slightly drunk appearance on the official Def Jam snapchat account. SXSW is crazy.

NM: What’s on your tour playlist?

T: Having no cell reception has made for some interesting music choices…Herb Alpert, Keith Ape, Sum 41, and Paul Simon.

NM: Will this be your first time at Treefort? Will you be down there the whole week?

T: This will be our second time. We’re playing Friday night at the Linen building with Hinds, ancient psychic, Cotillon and a bunch of other really cool bands. It’s also all ages.

NM: Who are you most excited to see?

F: Alex G, Diarrhea Planet, Nosaj Thing, Porches, and Sales.

NM: Are there any bands you wish were on the lineup?

F: Fauna Shade from Everett. And Rush.

NM: Any other plans while y’all are down in Boise?

F: It’s the end of the first part of our U.S. tour so we’re probably going to get real drunk Friday night after our show. Come party with us.

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