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Metalween 2014 Recap

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Photos by Jim Toohey and Tori Dickson

On Saturday, November 1 at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle held our 6th annual night of metal covers, Metalween, with our friend Mike Spine. The show featured local musicians paying homage to the dark lords of rock of the 70s, 80s and 90s. This year we heard classic songs by Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many other devil horn-inducing bands.

Opening the evening was Tacoma’s Patrick Galactic, formerly of the band Death By Stars. He did two Soundgarden songs before announcing “in honor of another great Seattle band, KISS, here’s ‘Love Gun.'” Bonus points for Pat bringing his stand and sheet music. Double bonus points for having the best wig of the evening.

Patrick Galactic at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on

Pat Galactic: our Metalween 2014 “Best Wig” winner

Performing for the first time as Witch Planet, The Spider Ferns added some electronic effects to three Black Sabbath songs, including “Planet Caravan,” which kind of seems like they could have written it themselves.

The Spider Ferns as Witch Planet at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on

The Spider Ferns as Witch Planet, doing Black Sabbath

Trentalange, which played under the name Laxxabath, kept the Sabbath vibe going by absolutely dominating “Hole in Sky,” “Mob Rules” and “Supernaut.”

Trentalange at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on

Trentalange belts out more Sabbath

A bunch of Indie rock bands getting together to pay homage to classic metal really should do something to keep their street cred, so thankfully The Valley picked early 90’s act Helmet. They even dressed like the the New York City band – jeans, T-Shirts and ball caps.

TBASA and the Valley at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on Nada Mucho

The Valley’s TBASA: handy in a limbo contest

Keeping with the “not quite classic metal but close enough” theme were Metameric, who did three songs from Faith No More under the name Scrotum Grinder.

Metameric at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on

Metameric, who won “best made up metal band name” performing as Scrotum Grinder

Kris from Metameric pulled double duty as the bassist for At the Spine, who were characteristically terrific doing a mix of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest songs. Main dude Mike Spine even got the guitar players from headliner Maiden Seattle to help him tear it up.

At the Spine at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on Nada Mucho

At the Spine

Speaking of Maiden Seattle, if you find yourself jones-ing for live Iron Maiden songs more than once a year you really should check these guys out. They are a true tribute band and great, great players.

Maiden Seattle at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on Nada Mucho

Maiden Seattle at Metalween 2014 @ The Skylark on Nada Mucho

Aside from the music, this year we had a photo booth for people to get their pictures taken in their pink wigs and leather pants. Check out some of the shots in the gallery below alongside more action from the stage.

Until next year: ALL HAIL METALWEEN.

For videos from Metalween 2014 check out TBASA’s YouTube channel.

Check out our Flickr page for lots more pictures of the bands and the crowd at Metalween 2014. 

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