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Photo Set: CHBP 2014 Bands, with Cats

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The Internet was invented to share photos of cats. Everyone knows that. That’s why we’ve been sharing pictures of famous musicians with cats over on our Facebook page for the past four or five months.

It started when we stumbled upon an amazing picture of Glenn Danzig holding a cat. We loved it so much we started scouring the Interwebs for more and, before you know it, we had more than 100 rock star cat photos stockpiled, including shots of David Bowie, Joan Jett, Nina Simone and Tom Waits.

To help share our excitement for the 2014 Capitol Hill Block Party – a yearly music festival that features a ton of local bands alongside emerging national acts and a handful of headliners – we asked some of this year’s performers to send us their own picture with a cat. We received three type of responses:

  1. Artists who, for some reason, already had a professional photo of themselves with cats. See EMA, Gaytheist and Sandrider.
  2. Artists who used Photo Shop to add a cat to an existing photo. For obvious reasons, these are our least favorite.
  3. Artists who responded to our request by taking a new photo of at least one band member with a real cat. Hooray!

Our favorite shot is the one at the top of this article from Seattle band Blood Drugs, who found a stray near the studio where they were recording when they received our request. Genius. Here are the rest:

We also took a lot of great photos of bands performing at the 2014 Capitol Hill Block Party, without cats. So check those out too, if that’s your thing.

 Blood Drugs photo by  Matt Koroulis. 

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