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SXSW Six Pack: A Look at Austin’s Own

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Each March, emerging musical acts of all varieties converge on the medium-sized town of Austin, Texas for one of the largest and most respected music festivals in the world.

What’s most notable about “south by,” as attendees call it, is the fact that it takes place inside the city at small and medium sized venues, parking lots, pool halls, shoe stores, and any other available space that can be temporarily turned in a place to watch live music. It’s a refreshing contrast to the cookie-cutter summer music festivals (Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Outsidelands, etc) that are typically held in large outdoor venues where fans don’t get to make a connection to the performers unless they have the energy to fight their way to the front of the massive crowds. 

What’s often missing during SXSW is a spotlight on the city’s own emerging bands – the ones you can see in small Austin clubs and venues throughout the year, not just in March. With long-time contributor P.T. Stinson marooned in Austin for more than a year now, he’s had enough time to select a handful of these local bands who are just as deserving of your attention as any of the acts in town for the festival. This month he’ll profile six of them – Booher, Ruby Fray, Spiritual Wives, Wil Cope, Mirror Travel, and Holy Wave – in a new series called SXSW Six Pack.

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