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TBLFAS #65: Devin Sinha, Tae Phoenix & Tobias the Owl

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We’re sad to report that this Wednesday, March 18, will be the last time TBASA’s Lo-Fi All Stars (#TBLFAS) takes place at West Seattle bar the Benbow Room, which is closing down. We’ll share news of the new location for the weekly series as soon as we have it.

In the meantime, here are Tim’s thoughts on the folks performing this week.

Devin Sinha

I actually don’t remember how I got connected to this guy and decided to book him, but he looks cool. Maybe a little cray cray.

Tae Phoenix

Damn this is great great stuff. Tae has a beautiful voice and stage presence. (Actually there’s no stage at the Benbow but she will still have a presence. Trust me on this.)

Tobias the Owl

Tobias is an enigma wrapped in a mystery dipped in a riddle. Also: he is a great songwriter.

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