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Turn to the Left: Big BLDG Bash’s DIY Perfection

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At a time when U.S. music festivals seem to be evolving towards more similar versions of each other, I try to remember to be thankful that I live in Washington State, where yearly events like Bumbershoot, the Capitol Hill Block Party, Decibel Festival, Doe Bay Festival, Macefield Music Festival, Mo-Wave and the twin Timber Fests give me a multi-day experience of live music that is completely unique from any other gathering. Even Sasquatch gets credit for its stunning setting in comparison to its contemporaries.

With all of these glorious events to enjoy, its extra surprising that my favorite music and art festival of 2014 was the inaugural Big BLDG Bash, which went down Saturday June 7 of last year at a big old green warehouse underneath the interchange between the West Seattle bridge and northbound 99. As you’re going up the exit it feels like you could just reach out and touch it.

Big BLDG Bash Warehouse

Big BLDG Bash Warehouse

There was a full day, night and early morning’s worth of live performances from bands, singer/songwriters and DJs, with entertainment rotating every 40 minutes or so in two large hangars. DYI programming geniuses that they are, organizers Pete Jordan and Ben Schauland booked two stages perpendicular to each other in each area, meaning that instead of enduring set changes I just had to turn 90 degrees to the left and another cool band would start about 5 minutes after the previous one finished. Also worth noting is that often times as I watched music I was standing beneath a old fashioned motorized bicycle of some sort hung from the ceiling. And they had a really good taco truck outside and a comfortable place to smoke. It was perfect.

Tons of bands we love played: Goodbye Heart, Ever So Android, Charms, The Spider Ferns, Coma Figura, … Lures were cool. Pete’s own band Cloud Person. Cabana. Gabriel Mintz. Low HumsPostmadonna. When people weren’t playing they were running sound or checking IDs.

Big BLDG 2015 (#bigbldgbash) happens Saturday, June 6 at the same warehouse. (I’m not giving you directions you just have to find it. ) The crew who produce the event are looking for bands interested in performing, volunteers and other interested Indie rock do-gooders to help out. Drop them a line at if you’re interested or head over to their website for more information.

Organizers say their goal is to be more organized this year but if 2014 is any indication they have operations down and will only be better this year.

Also, this year proceeds go to Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, which Pete says is “an amazing local organization dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.”

Tickets are available now.

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