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2003 Capitol Hill Block Party Artist: The Catheters

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Falling Down Drunk with the Catheters – An Interview
Spring 2000
By Matt Ashworth

Seattle’s Catheters play punk rock. Not bubblegum Southern California pop-punk though. We’re talking dirty American punk circa 1977, the kind that makes you wanna quit your job, grow your hair long and consider getting yourself on smack.

Seattle’s Catheters play punk rock. Not bubblegum Southern California pop-punk though. We’re talking dirty American punk circa 1977, the kind that makes you wanna quit your job, grow your hair long and start shooting up.

The band has released two albums on Empty records and a few singles as well. As the band takes a break between touring and recording, Nada Mucho talked with Catheters’ drummer Davey Brozowski.

Nada Mucho: So what are the Catheters currently up to? Got plans to release a new album or single soon? Got any shows coming up?
Davey: Um, not much. We’re trying to take a break and work on a new album. The plan for now is to record in March and have it out by August but we will see about that. It depends if we can get our shit togethter. But sometime in March we have a new 7″ coming out on Kapow Records (L.A.). It’s got two new songs, so look for it. We are playing Port Orchard on February 2nd and February 21st with the Supersuckers and Hog Molly at Graceland.

NM: Ahhh, the Graceland. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever played?
Davey: CBGBs… It’s such a shithole it’s awesome!

NM: Do you get sick of being compared to the Murder City Devils all the time?
Davey: Yeah… but I think for a while we kind of had some stuff that had a similar feel, but now I think we have been able to branch out on our own and get something of our “own sound”. Plus they have way more tattoos than any of us. Someone is always going to compare you to this band or that band, but that’s who you are usually influenced by so what do you expect? It’s like dude… What does your band sound like some new “revolutionary hard rock punk a’phonic band”?

NM: We’ve got something special for our visitors, would you like to have it?
Davey: I don’t know, it depends what it is.

NM: I can’t tell you that. Tell me, you ever been in a cockpit before?
Davey: Not to be a dork but this sounds like some sort of a trick question. But I can’t remember ever being in one.

NM: Me either. So I first saw you guys when you opened for Mudhoney and the Supersuckers at the old RockCandy. How’d you get hooked up with those bands?
Davey: I think whoever was booking RockCandy at that time asked us to play, so we did. But a good story about that show is some of us decided to drink before the show and got a bit too drunk. This person, after our set, told Steve Turner that he was so excited and nervous to be playing with Mudhoney that he almost shit his pants.

NM: That’s a funny story. Any other onstage mishaps you’d like to share?
Davey: I have hit Paul with drum sticks, Lars has fallen off monitors. Derek got hit in the head with a mic stand so we had to take him to the hospital, but the people at Jack in the Box sent us to a rest home. It smelled like piss and there were no doctors. Eventually the ambulance came, but not until after the cops arrived. It was a big mess. They thought Derek had been shot ’cause he got carried up to the front desk wrapped in a blanket and he was barely breathing. Oops. That’s all I can think of.

NM: Do you guys live the stereotypical “punk” lifestyle – beer, drugs, motorbikes, tattoos, and all that shit?
Davey: Fuck yeah!! Its actually more of a buttrock lifestyle – playboy parties, fast red cars, you know. It’s like a never ending party. Guns n Roses on all the time. Except for Paul. He prefers rap.

NM: Nice. So does being in the band get you guys laid a lot?
Davey: It does a little but we won’t talk about that.

NM: You ever hang around the gymnasium?
Davey: Yeah, but only when I am playing some basketball.

NM: Who are your three favorite bands in Seattle?
Davey: ZEKE, they kick ass. Murder City Devils. Botch.

NM: Davey, do you like movies about Gladiators?
Davey: The only movie I saw about gladiators was Gladiator but that show that used to be on called American Gladiators was OK. But what really kicks ass is that show on the WB where they have normal dudes try to beat all these steroid bodybuilders in weird games. I forget the name. Anyways, gladiator movies are OK.

NM: You mentioned the Supersuckers. Are you a ‘Suckers fan?
Davey: I think they are really good band. So I guess I am somewhat of a ‘Suckers fan.

NM: Davey, have you ever been in a Turkish Prison?
Davey: Yes I was born in one and lived their for a couple months. One thing about Turkish prisons is they serve great food and always show movies about gladiators. Plus visitors always get free stuff. It’s great, you should visit sometime. Anyways…..

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