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2010 Faves: 11 Great Local Recordings

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It's a pun. Get it? 2010 Faves
11 Great Local Recordings 

Our local favorites are influenced by a variety of factors. There’s the oodles of promotional CDs and downloads we receive from a never-ending supply of aspiring local musicians; exposure to bands at the many live shows we book, promote and attend; and, of course, the personal relationships we form with members of Seattle’s rich music community. In fact, members of some bands we once championed have joined our ranks as contributors; others simply tip their hat to new artists we should pay attention to.

Each year, this great network of writers, musicians and music fans leads to a unique and diverse, yet incomplete, list of favorites. Consuming all of the music the Puget Sound has to offer in a year is a mammoth, impossible task, but a noble one nonetheless. There are others in town who clearly have a broader view Sound on the Sound and Three Imaginary Girls are just two examples but the bands listed below are our personal favorites from some of the most exciting artists in town.

Rather than harp about why we love them, we’ve opted to share a video. Hopefully it’s intriguing enough to send you to the artist’s website, their band camp page and one of their live shows. We think they’re worth your time.

11) Panama Gold – Panama Gold


10) Psychic Battleship – Glass Elevator 


9) Babe Summer  – Summer Babes

No video available. Download a couple songs from their website

Actual Babe not pictured








8) Failure EP – Eastern Grip

No video available. Check them out on MySpace.

Good old speakerface












7) Blood Candy – The Posies


6) Quarters – Truckasaurus


5) Learning – Perfume Genius 


4) Enchanted Chapel – The Young Evils 


3) The One That Got Awake – See Me River


2) Shabazz Palaces & Of Light EPs – Shabazz Palaces 


1) Failed Graves  – The Lights    


More 2010 Favorites





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