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2011 Faves: T Basa’s Top 11 Albums

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My top 11 for 2011 is what you call a “must read.” Why? Because it’s not like 95 percent of the “best of” lists out there.

If you’ve been following our Twitter feed or Facebook page as we share every 2011 list we can find, you’ll see that most of them are almost identical. That’s because most of these so called “music experts” cut and paste from other hipster-approved sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum or Brooklyn Vegan. I have actually seen the bands on my list perform live and have listened to their albums/EP’s more than once. I am giving you original, awesome music that might not be on your radar.

To other writers putting together year-end lists: you’re solid state, I’m tube. You’re Ballard, I’m Georgetown. You’re Obama, I’m the recently-deceased Kim Jong ill.


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11. TBASABrevity Is Its Hallmark (Self Released)

Being known for shameless self-promotion isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s my song “Say Cheese.”

10. The CryThe Cry! (Self Released)

Power-Pop PDX Youth Riot! So catchy you may need to go to the clinic. Here’s their song “I Think I’m in Love” performed live at the High Dive.

9. EarthAngels of Darkness, Demons of Light I (Southern Lord Records)

Another magnificent album to meditate (or sleep) to from Mr. Dylan Carlson and friends.

8. Summer Babes Open Swim (Self Released)

Music can be cool and still be fun, just ask anyone who has seen “the Babes” live on stage.

7. Lights From SpaceSix Song Set EP (Self Released)

Dreamy power pop goodness for an exciting new world.

6. Hello ElectricDead Champ EP (Spaceman)

Indie rock has yet another champion. This one hails from Portland, Oregon. This track is called “Hook.”

5. The Springboards – Stick It (Self Released)

The Springboards are one of the proponents of an emerging genre in Seattle called “Durge.” This track uses an awesome guitar sound to hook you, then keeps you on the line with their cleverly-written anthems about being a dirt bag.

4. The Underwater Tiger –  EP (Self Released)

My favorite Durge band and my favorite band in Seattle right now.

3.Steaming SatellitesThe Mustache Mozart Affaire (Self Released)

These boys from Austria make dynamic and powerful songwriting seem effortless.

2. Dengue FeverCannibal Courtship (Fantasy)

Psychedelic guitar and beautiful female vocals, what more could one you ask for?

1. The RaveonettesRaven in the Grave (Vice)

The Danish Duo does it again. This time with even more reverb, sex appeal and smiling sadness.

TBASA makes music, contributes regularly to and books the Mix in Georgetown.

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