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2011 Faves: Tacoma’s Top Ten Bands

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BasemintSeattle gets all the hype, but there are some great bands from "the City of Suckerpunch." Here are my top ten Tacoma acts of 2011. 

10. Basemint
Excellent, traditional surf rock in a big way.

9. Helms Alee
Will Tacoma bands never tire of coming up with great nautical reference band names? Love the new record.

8. Pioneers West
These guys got passion and will travel. Watch for them. 

7. Girl Trouble
The mighty Girl Trouble shall never be defeated. This band is the heart and soul of our town.  

6. Colonies
These folks provide excellent stuff in the clean-yet -spacey
guitars vein, and they have a great indie rock baritone vocalist.

5. Wheelies
"Bottom of My Glass" is a song of greatness. Good energy lands in the


4. Argonaut
This hammer-handed power quartet bestows rock thunder unto


3. The Nightgowns
The Nightgowns satisfy my analog synth


2. The Night Beats
In Tacoma, guitars will never be
beaten. These guys are the latest reason why.


1. Manhammer

I heard they are all relocating to the Bahamas
together to cook and play metal, which is perfect because there is a huge metal and foodie scene on
at least one Bahamian island.


Wade Neal is an entertainment attorney from Tacoma. He also plays guitar in the bands Seaweed and The Fucking Eagles. 

Girl Trouble play Friday, January 20 at the Funhouse. The Wheelies’ New Year’s Eve party is December 31 at The New Frontier Lounge in Tacoma. Mahnhammer will say goodbye to departing band member "Rox" with a January 4 performance at The New Frontier Lounge.

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