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Laughing All the Way to The Lost City: Are Comedies Making a Comeback?

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The Lost City (2022)
Directed by Aaron and Adam Nee
Starring Sandra Bullock,Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt

So, there are these two brothers I had never heard of called ‘The Brothers Nee.’ Before releasing the film The Lost City in 2022, the pair had co-directed two feature films I’d never heard of, let alone seen. If those two films — The Last Romantic (2006) and Band of Robbers (2015) — are even half as funny and engaging as The Lost City, I will feel rewarded for seeking them out.

For me, Sandra Bullock shines brightest as a full-on comedy star rather than a quirky leading lady. This was most recently showcased in The Heat (2013) alongside Melissa McCarthy. In her latest film, she gets to play both of these roles. As leading lady Loretta Sage, a popular romance novelist, she delivers each sardonic comedic line with impeccable timing. Her charm and wit play off perfectly against the bumbling, unaware idiot Dash, portrayed by Channing Tatum. And let’s not forget Brad Pitt as Jack Trainer—a parody of every action hero from the past decade—adding to the mix. Together, these three protagonists navigate the challenges posed by our villain, played with abandon by Daniel Radcliffe, who seems to channel his inner Nic Cage for this role.

The action in The Lost City is excellent as well, and despite the film’s trailer revealing most of the funny gags, within the context of the film, the audience still laughed out loud—myself included.

As theaters gradually regain momentum, the comedy genre remains one of the last to return to its former glory. With the assistance of four exceptional actors, witty dialogue, and an adventure reminiscent of Romancing the Stone (1984), perhaps The Lost City signals that the action-adventure romantic comedy sub-genre is precisely what studios needs to rake in some serious cash and leave audiences craving more. The film went on to gross nearly $200 million on a $68 million dollar budget, so it makes sense to expect more of these fun, energetic comedies.

Rating: If Bullock’s best comedies — The Heat and Miss Congeniality — are both B’s, then so is this latest film from The Brothers Nee. Rent their 2006 film The Last Romantic on Amazon Prime or Apple TV. Stream Band of Robbers (2015) free on Amazon Prime, Roku TV or various other platforms. And The Lost City is free on Amazon Prime.

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