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A Gun That Shoots Knives, the Kids in the Hall of Post-millennial Techno-synth Guitar Rock

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These aren’t real knives; they’re just barbs as sung by futurist comedy-stung bards high on loony space juice. If Devo were the patriarchs of the 80s techno-pop movement, then A Gun That Shoots Knives are the Kids in the Hall of post-millennial techno-synth guitar rock.

This is the down and dirty tale of alien surf music melting in a supernova of Casio keyboard driven computer rock. If you think the band in the cantina scene from the 1977 Star Wars movie was a bunch of knuckleheads, then you’ll think that these guys are the Bill Nyes of multi-dimensional shape shifter grove techno-pop.

I’m not a person to place labels on something so experimentally whacky, but this band’s new EP Love is worthy of a nod for Comedy Central’s nomination for “best new tongue-in-cheek release by a Seattle band.”

A Gun That Shoots Knives is the meshing of sounds from the likes of Ween, The Dead Milkmen, and Stereopathic Soul Manure-era Beck.

There is a lot of musical talent here, too, which is why they have managed to build their own niche with amusing techno-pop songs. Their ability to write catchy tunes complemented by computer synThe gun does not, however, shoot clothes, apparently.thesized instrumentation allows for a limited yet unorthodox sound; but it’s an amusing genre of oddities nonetheless.

Catch A Gun That Shoots Knives at’s Great Valentine’s Day Massacre at the High Dive on February 14.

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