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A Matter of Taste: A Timbrrr! 2019 Preview

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Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival
Jan. 25-26, 2019
By Andy Perkovich

Here we are. Another January in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. It’s cold, it’s gray, and it’s hard to get out of bed each morning.

Like so many others, I too fall victim to the general malaise that each New Year brings. I get it; holidays can be hard. While some people may find this time of year relaxing, I always feel like it’s a hard sprint towards the finish line of the year. And when that New Year finally comes, I seek rejuvenation.

There’s really only one thing that scratches that itch for me, something that motivates me to put away the sweatpants and get dressed in a manner that is appropriate for public. I’m talking about my annual trip to Leavenworth. More importantly, a store in Leavenworth. A store called A Matter of Taste. This magical place has everything I need to start my year off on the right foot: hot sauce, pepper jelly, and laser engraved personalized knick-knacks.

Each year, around the tail-end of January, I make the two hour drive east to restock my pantry with as many bottles of hot sauce as I can carry. The best part about it? You can sample almost any of the delicious products they have to offer. Standing in that store, as the tears stream down my face and my nose begins to leak, I am truly happy. For that brief and fleeting moment, all is right in the world.

Oh, and I guess there’s some sort of annual music concert thing down the street or something? I suppose one might be inclined to go check that out if you’re into the whole live music thing. It’s the sixth annual Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival, and it kicks off on Jan. 25 at the Leavenworth Festhalle!

Produced by Artist Home Productions, Timbrrr! is the much colder sibling to summer’s annual Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation, Wash. Boasting sell-out crowds for the last four years, in 2019 Timbrrr! offers yet another stacked bill of amazing artists. How you prioritize your time is, of course, also a “matter of taste,” but if you find yourself making the trip to get in on the action, here are a couple bands you don’t want to miss.     


HYWAYS by Andy Perkovich

I have no idea how to best describe HYWAYS and their music. Can you call it “galaxy western?” “Prog-country?” Regardless of how you classify it, it’s damn good. Close your eyes and picture a classic country album coming at you by way of deep space. Perfect music for that long-haul astronaut trucker in your life.    

HYWAYS kicks off the musical festivities on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

Tres Leches

Tres Leches by Jake Hanson

I am one of those poor unfortunate souls who have yet to have the pleasure of seeing Tres Leches (#41for2018) take the stage. This Seattle trio put out one of my favorite releases of 2018 and I am excited to finally hear some of those songs in a live setting. If their live show is even half as good as their debut, Amorfo, then the Timbrrr! crowd is in for a real treat. 

Look for Tres Leches to take the stage Saturday at 6:30 p.m.



I can’t wait to see what happens when these guys take the stage. Each and every time I have been lucky enough to catch them play, they absolutely destroy everything in their way. Climbing the rafters, stage-diving, smashing guitars and all sorts of sonic debauchery is par for the course at any Monsterwatch (#41for2017) gig. Not gonna lie, I might be SLIGHTLY disappointed if their set doesn’t devolve into some sort of giant snowball fight. 

Monsterwatch hits the Festhalle at 8:25 p.m. on Saturday.        

These are only a few of the amazing bands that Timbrrr! has to offer. Don’t Forget: Portland supergroup Slang! Rising Seattle stars Jenn Champion and Parisalexa (#41for2017)! Plus Shannon and the Clams! Kyle Craft! Whitney Mongé! Hot Booze Drinks! So Much More!

P.S. If you happen to catch me standing in the back of the Festhalle wiping tears from my eyes, don’t worry, I’m doing just fine.

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