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Album Review: Get Cozy with Kinski

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Kinsky – Cosy Moments
Kill Rock Stars Records
By Jewelry Franz

It’s been five years since Kinski last released an album. I approached listening to their new record, Cosy, with caution, but had a feeling it would be a worthwhile venture. After only five listens I knew I had fallen in love.

It’s the Seattle band’s most accessible album to date: fun, polished, upbeat and catchy. It’s also different than anything they’ve done before, but still manages to maintain that signature sound of driving guitars and an occasional flute.

“We This She’s a Nurse” burns slow, with strange atmospheric sounds replicating a psychedelic experience. “Riff Dad” chugs ahead with classic rock-sounding guitar and instantly memorable melodies.

The album, released by storied Olympia, Washington label Kill Rock Stars,  has eleven tracks and about half of them have vocals, which isn’t the status quo for Kinski. While not the strongest of vocalists, Chris Martin’s voice is charming and it’s nice to see him continuing to develop as a singer. He doesn’t take over the instruments; rather, his voice blends in and compliments that quintessential Kinski sound without overpowering it. – (9/10)

Kinski play Thursday, October 17 at Chop Suey with avante-noise rockers Melt Banana. Jewelry’s review also appeared in the print edition of Savage Henry, a music and culture magazine in Northern California.

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