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Alive & Kicking: The Bullet Club

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bulletclub My neck hurts.

It’s a common complaint after a Bullet Club show, thanks to the Seattle-based band’s high intensity rawk music delivered with industrious musical timing. This is tough, dirty stuff from a band who sounds like they could drag you into an alley, pound you into submission then take your money and buy cheap whiskey shots and bareback Camels. 

Listening to the band’s excellent Red State EP from 2005, I found myself wonderfully impressed at the capture of their awesome live power. From the spit of the lyrics to the barrage of drums to the detail spent on getting each of the guitars to sound unique (both live and recorded), instead of just becoming a fuzzy mess, is a true testament to their painstaking approach the band takes with their music. 

For those of you who have slept on this local gem, there’s great news. The band reports on its MySpace page that their new record is written and should be out later this year.

In the meantime, head down to the High Dive Friday night to catch their awesome live show … and consider bringing a neck brace.

The Bullet Club play the High Dive Friday, April 20 with Wings Hauser and Midstokee.

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