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Ben on the New EP from Portland Band Carcrashlander

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You Were Born In A Hospital (2010)
Parks and Record
By Ben Allen

When we last heard from Carcrashlander on 2009’s Where To Swim, the band was in familiar territory. Singer/songwriter Cory Gray has perfected the art of taking subtle, quirky indie-pop songs and giving them a feeling of melancholy with hushed, haunting vocals. The You Were Born In a Hospital EP is much more adventurous.

Inspired by the passing of his grandmother, Gray wrote a batch of songs paying tribute to some of the musical styles she introduced to him. The reggae influence is evident throughout, especially on standout cut, “Oldest Offer.” You almost forget you’re listening to an “indie rock” band as the track veers off into what sounds like dub with trumpet and looped squeals of tape hiss. It’s refreshing to see a band diversify and evolve stylistically. Just as intriguing is the thought of where they will head next.

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