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Better Late Than Never – 2003 in Review (TV)

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2003 – The Year in Review
Our Favorite TV Shows, #’s 50-21
By Matt Ashworth and Adam Lawrence

We’ve never quite understood why so many of of our pop-culture-publishing contemporaries ignore television when it comes to year-end polls.

Hopefully our readers aren’t hung up on the pretentious 90s hipster fad that dictated it was somehow “uncool” to own a TV.

After all, its only the most accessible form of mass media in the world, one that not only provides us with 24 hour information and entertainment at virtually no cost but plays an enormous role in determining which movies we see and which bands we hear.

Here at we’ve got no reservations about voicing our love for the nation’s cathode ray nipple. To that end, we present the first thirty of our fifty favorite shows of 2003, as voted by readers, staff and industry goons alike.

Arrested Development
Dr Phil
The Daily Show
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Simple Life
The OC
Family Guy
Crank Yankers
Bernie Mac Show
Late Night with David Letterman
Queer Eye for the straight guy
Dead Like Me
Monster House
That 70s Show
Extreme Makeover
Still Standing
Joe Millionaire
National Geographic Explorer
Law and Order
Everybody Loves Raymond
West Wing
Will and Grace
Law & Order

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