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Bonnie Prince Billie Returns to Familiar Territory on Latest Album

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy
Wolfroy Goes to Town

The new album from Bonnie “Prince” Billy, a.k.a, Will Oldham, departs from the full and polished alt-country sounds of his last two releases. Wolfroy Goes to Town finds Oldham back in familiar territory with his signature sparse musical style and lyrics to match.

“Wolfroy” is sure to please Oldham’s loyal followers as he sings about juxtaposing themes of moral virtuousness and depravity, and laments on subjects such as faith and love in his characteristically quavering voice.

Angel Olsen provides ethereal harmonies in “Black Captain,” a sweetly soulful eulogy, as well as a jarring solo in the song about not having enough, “Quail and Dumplings.”

As always, Bonnie Prince Billie, rotund sex god that he is, has delivered a thought-provoking album mixed with sometimes melancholy but often playfully provocative ballads. – (8/10)

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